Take control of your warehouse with a warehouse management system (WMS) that will track your inventory from the moment it arrives until it is shipped. Advanced put-away and picking technology will increase efficiencies in your warehouse and can prevent costly mistakes. Even the best of profit margins in sales orders are negatively affected when the order is shipped incorrectly, resulting in returns, repacking and reshipping.  The negative impact on the relationship with your customer due to incorrect shipments can be devastating.

The warehouse management system in DistributionPlus will get rid of manual processes and guesswork, and will streamline processes in your warehouse.

Warehouse management is a key component to DistributionPlus, but it can be integrated to your accounting software if you would rather stay with that and add on a WMS system.

Improve your efficiency with optional barcode scanning.  Replace manual warehouse processes with barcode scanners and ensure the right product is picked and shipped every time.

Replace paper packing slips with scanning technology for quicker and error-free picking.

Warehouse management helps to ensure that goods and materials move through your warehouse in the most productive and cost-effective way.

warehouse management

Batch picking, zone picking, and wave picking

Highly integrated with EDI

Automated bin replenishment

Integration with tablets and barcode scanning devices

Unlimited bin locations and warehouses


Cross docking

Integrate with QuickBooks or other accounting software

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Silke Buchholz
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