A purchasing system that works closely with your inventory transactions to ensure that you have the right amount of inventory on hand. DistributionPlus uses many factors that allow for purchasing the right amount of items at the right time. Considerations such as minimum quantities, history, safety stock, seasonal items, and shipping time are used to create purchasing suggestions.

A kitting function keeps your inventory accurate by creating kits from individual SKU’s. Only the amount taken from each SKU is reflected in inventory count.

As an option, purchasing reports can be automated to make sure that inventory can be ordered at the right time, without any guessing.

Detailed purchasing reports take the guesswork out of ordering inventory for your warehouse. Optional automated purchasing can be overridden to give more flexibility to the purchasing agent.

You have the optional ability to create purchase orders directly from sales orders.

Automated purchasing feature can be used to keep inventory at optimal levels

Ability to override the automated process 

Send bid sheets to multiple vendors and create a purchase order from the best bid 

Know which vendors are giving you the best pricing and value on each item 

Generate purchase orders from sales orders containing stock and non-stock items 

Purchase order and sales order linking 

Generate purchase orders from sales orders containing stock and non-stock items 

Recognize normal and abnormal usage patterns for your inventory 

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In order to do what CP Tech does, it takes coordinating as many as five different companies to accomplish what DistributionPlus can do in a single solution.

Mike Davenport
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