An inventory management solution that is tightly integrated with purchasing, sales and quoting, accounting, and warehouse management to ensure that you have optimal inventory, and you that you are always viewing inventory levels in real-time. If part of your sales strategy is ecommerce, inventory levels are also shown in real-time on your ecommerce site.

Kitted items are are made from multiple SKU’s. All of these SKU’s have their stock level adjusted accordingly as the kits are made.

Track inventory across multiple warehouses and locations. Automates transfers between locations within the same company.

Landed cost allows you to track your actual costs that include freight, duty, brokerage fees, etc.

Inventory watch function considers multiple factors to determine what needs to be purchased to ensure your inventory levels are where they should be, and that you are getting them at the best price possible.

Serial tracking

Lot tracking

EDI integration

Multiple Units of Measure

Landed cost

Ecommerce integration

Kitting and bill of materials (BOM)

Multi-company and warehouse transfers

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Silke Buchholz
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